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Our Approach

Beautiful aromas. Elegant flavors. Sustainable farming.


It begins in the Los Chacayes region of Argentina's Uco Valley where our hand-selected super- and ultra-premium grapes benefit from the high altitude, sunny climate, pest resistant environment and stony, alluvial soils. The resulting vines yield low amounts of fruit with rich flavors and aromas.

Caldwell Family Vines applies traditional winemaking methods to make complex, yet elegant, bold and intense, Malbec and Cabernet Franc wines, as well as a Provence-style and refreshing Rose’. In each bottle of VeTres we strive for beautiful on your nose and elegant on your palate.

Caldwell Family Vines partners with The Vines of Mendoza to customize our small batch production, and benefits from the operations of this internationally recognized vineyard and winemaking team.  The farming, fermenting, aging and blending are carefully determined to produce memorable wines that enhance any moment or occasion.  Core to Caldwell Family Vines’ winemaking are Pablo Martorell and Mariana Onofri.

Caldwell Family Vines' wines are rooted in sustainable farming. The Vines of Mendoza farms in a highly sustainable manner suitable to the dry, desert-like Uco Valley. Taking care of the soil and their workers through these practices is key for ecological purposes and fruit quality.  Organic fertilizers, minimal impact fungicides and non-chemical herbicides are utilized in order to complete all the required farming steps to be certified organic.

Then there’s beautiful Argentina (the fifth largest wine producer in the world), Mendoza, the Andes Mountains, and Los Chacayes. At the foot of the Andes, Mendoza is the country’s most prominent wine province. Los Chacayes is one of the most desirable subregions of the Uco Valley where the Malbec and Cabernet Franc varietals best express themselves. The Andes, barricading Mendoza from the humid Pacific winds coupled with Mendoza's distance from the Atlantic Ocean make for a climate that's ideal for vintners. Factor in the high-altitude of our acreage (3,600 feet above sea level), the heterogeneity of its soils and snowmelt — and all the elements are in play to produce outstanding wines.

Wine is an experience that evokes and creates timeless memories. Caldwell Family Vines wants you to celebrate the special moments in life (big or small), entertain friends or just chill after a long day with our wines.  Savor the good times with our VeTres wines. That’s the alchemy behind Caldwell Family Vines.


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